Mediation Devices
  SIM/IP - 2000
  SIM/IP - 1000

Octopus Family
  Octopus CMS
  Octopus FTMRS 60D
  Octopus ODS

Mini Octopus
  SLT 4


Tele - 10


Teletron Products

Octopus™ and the MiniOctopus™ - family of Monitoring Systems. Encompassed within this family are the FTMRS60D and FTMRS 3 (ideal for field operation) legacy systems for standard telephony (voice and Fax) and the new state of the art CMS series, for monitoring a variety of transmission communication facilities i.e. Voice, Data, fax, Internet, VoIP and Cellular. Also included in this family is the SLT4 a PC board for the individual that wants to turn his/hers own PC into a surveillance system.


SIM/IP™ - A scalable high availability system designed to meet imposed Lawful Interception operational requirements on Network Operators  (NWO), Access Providers (AP) or Service Providers (SP) and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA). The systems   architecture, based on standards for Lawful Interception.  Applicable to various international standards. I.e. ETSI, CALEA or Proprietary.


Sonarium™  - A prefabricated soundproof conference room within a room.


Tele10 - the next generation of telephone voice scramblers


Consultation and recommendation for end-to-end Lawful Interception solutions.