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For the discriminating users
Tele-10 has been developed especially for discriminating clients such as government, police and other law enforcement agencies, regional security services, R&D organizations, executives of multinational corporations, lawyers and investment bankers.

Tele-10 is the next generation of telephone voice scramblers, based on Teletron's highly successful equipment for government surveillance and intelligence organizations. In fact, Tele-10 provides you with an outstanding level of protection against wiretapers.

Tele-10 is convenient to install and use, and uncompromising in reliability and voice quality. This advanced voice encryption unit is so small and lightweight that you can use it in the office, at home or when you travel.

Tele-10 provides you with a truly remarkable level of defense against wiretapping. Dynamic band splitting and split-frequency inversion make your conversation unintelligible to eavesdroppers. And, throughout your calls, Tele-10 hops from one set of frequency band to another, using a pseudo random rolling code technique. Security is further enhanced by a negotiated random initial code. Batteries allow Tele-10 to protect your call even if as determined eavesdropper has tampered with your electricity supply.

Tele-10 is Portable Fitting easily into a corner of your briefcase, Tele-10 goes wherever you go, providing you with confidential communication whenever you need.

Tele-10 is Universal In seconds, you can connect Tele-10 to standard telephone or feature phone anywhere in the world, helping you maintain confidential communication during international travel