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Industrial espionage has resulted in the proliferation of sophisticated listening devices. The growth of electronic counter measure has, in turn led to even more sophisticated listing devices. To day high-level conferences need to be secured from bugs, eavesdropping, lip-reading, etc.

The answer - Sonarium - A secure meeting room calculated to counter all conceivable bugging attempts - Guaranteed - "No more bugs, No more Eavesdropping, No more lip reading or External Radiation".

The Sonarium - ™, prefabricated, Sound, Photography, EMC and RFI proof meeting room within a room (including furnishing). The Sonarium™ is made up of transparent lightweight elements for easy transportation and quick assembly. Room occupants benefit from bug free meeting with the comfort of a quite ambient ventilation system. Just unwrap the parts, assemble the room and you have a secured room ready for business in just a matter of a few hours.