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Octopus O.D.S.

The Octopus O.D.S.

The O.D.S. is a database and long-term data storage tool of information incoming from Teletron's monitoring systems. Based on a powerful computer connected to the system's network, the O.D.S. stores two main types of information:
  • Data related to the conversation as stored in the monitoring system database
  • Transcriptions of conversations

Furthemore, the O.D.S. serves as an intelligence server. The focus is on the suspect - to allow a complete analysis of the suspect's activities; calls to/from suspects, association to groups, timing patterns, etc. The ability of search for connections between suspects within or outside a group and the possibility to find connections and relationships between groups become the main advantage of the system.

The O.D.S. main asset is its ability to identify calling patterns, suggest and present the intelligence annalist new or unrelated potential suspects/groups.

The analysis of the information in the O.D.S. is performed in dedicated workstations and the results are shown in tables or graphics reports.