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OctopusTM FTMRS 60D

The Octopus™ FTMRS 60D systems a large scale systems to answer all governmental security agencies requirements may be deployed at a local area (town, district) or nation-wide (main cities, states). National level systems consist of an array of local area systems connected to the Central Monitoring Center by a Wide Area Network. These systems provide strategic advantages for the law and order local forces, as well as for the national or federal security agencies.

Teletron's Octopus™ FTMRS 60D is a state-of-the-art system for simultaneous and efficient monitoring, recording, sorting and archiving of telephone conversations and fax messages. The system stores telephone and fax events for further retrieving and listening to telephone calls, and displaying and printing of faxes. The system enables to listen to telephone calls “live”, in real time.

The Octopus™ FTMRS 60D system allows monitoring up to 120 telephones and/or faxing lines per Module. The system is able to monitor any number of lines by chaining several Recording Modules.

The system comprises a Main Monitoring Workstation and several Operator Workstations. Additional peripheral equipment - e.g. printers - is connected to the Main Workstation.

The Administrator, who identifies himself as such at any workstation, centrally controls the system, while calls and faxes transmitted over the telephone lines are monitored at the operator workstations.