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MiniOctopus FTMRS 60D

The MiniOctopus FTMRS60D

The MiniOctopus FTMRS60D systems a medium scale system to answer all governmental security agencies requirements.

The MiniOctopus FTMRS60D is a, digital telephone line recorder capable of automatically detecting, recording and playing-back conversations, as well as recording, decoding and displaying fax documents, from a single up to thirty input lines.

Information source can be either a telephone line, or a room microphone. These can be directly connected, or remotely via a transmitter/receiver pair.

The MiniOctopus FTMRS60D can record up to 2000 accumulated hours of conversations in high-quality mode, or 1200 hours in super high-quality recording.

Long-term storage of conversations is provided in digital audiotapes incorporated in the MiniOctopus FTMRS60D.

The MiniOctopus FTMRS60D system allows monitoring up to 30 telephones and/or faxing lines per Module. The system is able to monitor any number of lines by chaining several Recording Modules.

The system comprises a monitoring and a workstation. Additional peripheral equipment (optional) e.g. printers can be connected to the Main Workstation.