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SIM/IP 2000
SIM/IP 2000
The SIM/IP2000 TM

The SIM/IP2000 is a scalable high availability mediation system designed to meet operational requirements of Network Operators (NWO), Access Providers (AP) or Service Providers (SvP) and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA). The system can be configured to conform to most national interception standards and laws due to its modular interface layout and Interception Management design.

The SIM/IP 2000 platform is ETSI/NEBS certified high-availability Compact PCI system designed for CO deployment. The system enclosure is supplied by one of the major chassis provider for telephony applications. The system is designed to conform to the architecture and terminology of the major switch manufacturers and the Internet Service Providers.

There are various levels of system component redundancy available e.g. Power supplies, mass storage and RAID also available is I/O and DSP resource redundancy.